Your global multi-functional marketing agency.

Bringing your brand in front of your ideal potential customers is our number one priority. Pink Diamond Projects offer a variety of digital marketing services available to achieve your sales objectives.

Market Research

We have clever ways of looking at what your prospect clients and competitors are doing online.


We make sure we optimise your website for search engines like Google. First, an audit then some suggestions on how to improve your ranking through keywords.


After our free audits and discovery call, we offer all the possible strategies and costs involved to reach your revenue goals.

Graphic Design

We create all the on brand posts for your Social Media Management or Marketing campaigns.

Google Ads

Pay per Click for your online advertising on Google. Make the most of your ads and grow revenue in every sales channel with ease.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat are all platforms we can use to create awareness of your product or service by being social.

Lead Generating

By using this service, through particular strategies across platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, you can expect an influx of leads for your team to convert to sales.

Facebook Ads

Still the best way to find your exact ideal client and drive traffic to your website, grow your list and make more sales.

Email Marketing

Keep your contacts together, and write them regularly to keep them up to date with your unique offers.

Dedicated Assistance

We offer a dedicated per hour service to every package that helps with over and above extras that might be needed in VA, Social, SEO, Ads Web Dev or Copy.


Without a doubt, one of the most important SEO techniques that can be employed during an SEO campaign is the art of building high-quality links.

Web Design

Creating an inviting online shop front is NB. Most prospect clients will research your business online before they choose to buy from you.


We help you write up all your newsletters, the copy for your website and the captions for your social media. No writer’s block here.

Landing Pages

Running campaigns need a good landing page, so your prospects know what to do next.

CR Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is helpful when you want to start seeing a jump in sales from the traffic brought in by all the SEO, PPC and other marketing efforts.

Content Creation

Curated content for your landing pages, web pages and social platforms that encourages engagement and conversions.

Launch Campaigns

Bring your new product or service in front of those already looking for it online through search, display, shopping cart or video campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

Let your followers know about any new products or services you are offering, or remarket to previous web visitors; bring them back to your sales page.