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A diamond is considered highly valuable and rare, so special, that they each carry a very specific identity according to cut, clarity and color. Almost like human DNA or fingerprints. A diamond reminds us of inner beauty, great value, purity & tremendous strength. The color pink speaks of a romantic, joyful and peaceful atmosphere. The combination of the meaning of the color pink and the symbolism of a diamond plus the scarcity of an actual pink diamond brings us to the exact level of exclusive service we offer our clients and bares witness of quality and excellence.

We therefore only choose one client per sector to guarantee exclusivity. All the research we do on any specific product or service remain the client’s Intellectual Property. Our clients have total peace of mind, because we will never take on any of your competitors…ever. In Tina’s 13 years of experience in Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, she is confident that Pink Diamond Projects can put the best tailor-strategized launches, and campaigns together that will compliment your brand and attract more of your ideal clients.

Our CEO and Founder is an experienced Public Relations and communication consultant specialist. Tina founded Pink Diamond Projects in early 2007 and is leveraging her vast 13 years of experience within the public relations and communication sector to provide accurate and reliable marketing objectives for clients within South Africa and abroad. Tina's passion for marketing, public speaking, and social media allow her to go to great lengths to achieve customer objectives. Pink Diamond Projects has scaled from a South African start-up to a global digital agency that operates in over 6 countries.

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