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The only full-circle startup course for female entrepreneurs.

If starting your own business has always been something you wanted to do, but it seemed so far away from you, then you never even tried. Now is the time for women to stand up and say to themselves: I am worthy and I can do this!
Emerge is a 90-day high-touch coaching course that helps you through the entire process from dreaming of an idea to making your first sale and beyond.

Emerge consists of 6 modules over 12 weeks

Emerge takes you from knowing nothing about business to creating and launching your first online business and then scaling it to grow and expand. We offer a support group after the course so you are not left out in the cold on your own to further figure things out for yourself.

What you will learn in Emerge:

  • Who am Iand what am I here for
  • My ideas and goalsand how do I pick one
  • Researching your business ideaonline to see what your prospective clients are actually searching for
  • Formulating your ideato your ideal client Avatar
  • Identifying the problems you solve
  • Packaging your solutionsat different price points
  • Creating your business(registration, legalities, and back-end paperwork)
  • Creating a logo and brandingto suit your business, your profile and it attractive to your ideal client
  • Choosing a business modeland putting together your offer
  • Building your websiteand telling your story
  • Creating the right social mediaaccounts for your business
  • Putting together a social mediacontent calendar for your business
  • Where can you find helpto do the things you are not great at?
  • Where to find your clients
  • Putting it all togetherand creating a launch party
  • Where do we go from here
  • Scaling to the next level