SEO Disclaimer

Pink Diamond Projects SEO Disclaimer

  • SEO is not a once off activity but rather an ongoing one. If we stop, your rankings might fall and your traffic will decrease.
  • A 4 – 6 month continued SEO effort is recommended before one can expect positive results, so it is a very time consuming process. It also depends on your industry and how much competition there is, so patience is the virtue here.
  • We can not guarantee no 1 ranking or consistent top 10 rankings for any keyword phrase as SEO has no control over search engine ranking algorithms and ongoing efforts of competitors
  • Google may hinder the ranking of new sites until they have proved their ability to exist for a certain amount of time, or until there is enough backlink strength.
  • New sites may get a temporary boost for some targeted keywords for a short while and then it settles down.
  • Search engines can also drop rankings for no predictable reason, but they also re-appear again without any extra SEO efforts
  • Rankings can therefore fluctuate daily because of ongoing changes in the ranking algorithm, SEO efforts of your competitors or both
  • SEO work can be destroyed if one or more of the following things are changed on your site without the prior consultation of your SEO consultant:
    • Renaming, relocating, adding or removing any files, folders or sub-domains, bots or any other web documents
    • Making changes on an optimised page
    • Changing the title tag
    • Renaming URL’s
    • Linking out to another site
    • Taking down pages